Medical Dreamon

immediately on delivery in accordance with production standards and certified product ready in overalls and aprons with the option of medical service.


Certified Product

ISO and CE certified manufacturing standards conform to jumpsuits.

SMMS fabric

our products are hygienic, disposable SMS fabric we use.

Certified Expert

our products are tested and approved by experts.

About us

experience in the industry and quality manufacturing: Dreamon

55 m2 store, which opened a small boutique in a few years from private plantations DreamON story, with the transition to mass production have started to make a name in the industry. A perspective that extends the vision to the forefront of each day Dreamon the name was enough. This is actually from a new perspective and always in a wedding dress handmade fashion elements would be the first step towards a sophisticated production that holds...

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Medical Gowns

Water-repellent featured, skin-friendly, sweat-absorbent, breathable, comfortable clothing.

Water Resistant
Banded Cuff
Size That Fits Everyone
Blue Color


Medical Coveralls

Disposable Specialist Certified, and certified medical jumpsuit. Our products immediately upon the delivery option is up for sale. According to AAMI PB70 tests covering at Level 3 parameters

55 Grams / Square MT
With Waterproof
Adhesive Front
According to AAMI PB70 tests at Level 3 parameters


Medical PE Apron

Disposable PE Apron for general purpose in usage; f.e. hospitals, cleaning companies, hairdressers, textile, food, construction, etc. It is a high density PE Apron made of polyethylene raw material produced by a vertical extrusion method

Disposable / Single Use
Safety and Food Contact Regulations Disposable PE aprons complies with the statutory provisions of the European Plastic Directives as well as Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011 in their then applicable versions
Quality Disposable PE aprons fully certified in accordance with the internationally accepted quality standard ISO9001:2008

Our certificates

our bag ISO and CE certified, comply with manufacturing standards that is confirmed with certificates.